Style Of Therapy

I believe that every human has the ability to heal, regardless of their past and traumas. Through a therapeutic relationship, people can learn to heal, trust, and grow.  The puzzle is cultivating personal strengths, and learning how to make choices that create healing, wholeness, and growth.  This healing becomes habit, and a new way of living.

I hold a strength-based and non-pathological outlook for my clients.  My approach is playful, kind, provocative, deep, and loving.  Somedays people just need to talk endlessly, just to be heard in this busy World. Sometimes process is a defense, and goals and structure need to be introduced. Sometimes people just need to fall deep into quiet awareness, to perhaps, for the first time, try to make contact with deep emotions.  

So many of our thoughts, beliefs, and behavioural patterns are hidden deep in our unconscious. Quite often, talk therapy and/or cognitive re-scripting simply doesn’t touch them.  Understanding root causes by exploring the context within is a crucial part of facilitating change.

Every human being is so incredibly complex and fascinating.  I use a collage of techniques, depending on my client's process, comfort, and readiness to change.  I provide a safe environment in which we learn to dive deep and challenge boundaries.  My therapeutic approach includes integral mapping, developmental assessment, attachment work, cognitive re-scripting, gestalt, movement, mindfulness, and art.  I am also certified in EMDR I & II and incorporate it in creative ways.