My parenting classes takes the entire family into consideration.  Instead of teaching parents a few generic techniques to keep their children in order, my class recognises that every family has different challenges, histories, and coping mechanisms.  We learn enrichment through attachment & creating strong, healthy connections as a family.  Together we explore what human development is and why understanding our own unique path is so important.  Through Object Relations, we acquire the tools to create an incredible family life, inside and out. This course builds a strong foundation for every family member, especially the parents!  The goal is to provide a solid baseline, so each family member can go out in the World and do amazing things. This is more than a basic parenting class, it's providing your family with a new WORLD VIEW.

The London-based company Conscious2 offers my parenting curriculum to a World-wide audience. CLICK ME  to SEE & LEARN MORE.

Parents can contact me directly for one-on-one sessions, or book me to work with several families at a time.  I also offer several 5 week sessions a year throughout Boulder, Longmont & Denver.

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